Little about what is coming to you with

JobSafe is a business targeted website and will be a personal assistant/organiser for Supervisors/Managers and or Owners.
From here you will create your profile by entering requested information, add Departments and Employees you are overseeing.
Issue tasks/jobs or simply send email to Employees or Departments, keep track of current/completed or over-due tasks/jobs of your Employees and yourself.
Send reminders for tasks/jopbs, Create Rosters and send to Employees or Departments helping your Business/Company continiue running like a well oiled machine.

Free to download and use however free users have a limited access to features and limited with how many employees and departments they can have.
Pro(paid) users have unlimited access and if subscription is canceled you will not lose any data however, you will not be able access all until re-subscriton